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Indianapolis Office O: (317) 218-7650 F: (765) 742-6401

After Hours Emergency Number – 765-420-1630

Welcome to the Tuscany Village Community Association Website!

The Board of the Tuscany Village Homeowners Association welcomes you to our web page. This website has been established to provide a convenient source of information for current and future members of the Tuscany Village Homeowners Association.



Our vision for Tuscany Village is a community of friendly and caring neighbors who cooperate with each other to affirm the value of both our property and our friendships.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through the management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants, support of initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, and investment in capital improvements that benefit the greater good.


In fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision, we value the six pillars of community living: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, in all our actions.

Our Community

The Tuscany Village subdivision was established in Greenwood, Indiana in 2006. Tuscany Village is a family-focused community consisting of 152 single-family homes located in the White River Township of Johnson County. Many shopping and dining options are available within a 15-minute driving radius. Police and fire services are extremely close. Downtown Indianapolis is 20 miles away.

2018 assessment of $300.00 is due on or before January 1, 2018.  Please pay your 2018 assessment on time. As you know, your dues have a tremendous impact on our wonderful community, from improvements to community events. Thank you!

Your HOA operates solely on funds received from annual dues which are required by the recorded CC&R's for the development to keep the corporation up and running by paying your dues in a timely manner. Members not paying their dues in a timely manner or not at all, jeopardize the need to reduce or eliminate services that benefit the entire community.  If you have not paid your dues or owe late fees, please contact Joey Harris. (MSM).

Thank you for paying your annual dues in a timely manner.....your neighbors that pay on time appreciate it. 

Tuscany Village Companies:

Tuscany Village Management Company:

Main Street Management, LLC

Contact person: Community Property Manager - Joey Harris, Phone Number – 317-218-7650, ext. 141


Tuscany Village Landscape Company:

Practical Property Group, LLC (PPG)


Tuscany Village Pond Company:

Absolute Aquatic, Inc.

Friendly Reminders & Updates:

As you know our annual dues of $300 were payable by January 1, 2018. Timely collections from our homeowners is vital to Tuscany Village in order to keep our budget balanced and our bills paid.  Unfortunately, as of today, we still have 13 delinquent homeowners who are not meeting this obligation. Late fees have been issued to those who have failed to pay on time.  Your prompt payment would be appreciated and you will avoid the next step in the process by paying now. Contact Joey Harris at Main Street Management.

Thank you to everyone who has already paid!

For a police anonymous tip you can go to under Police Connect.  Homeowners claim they are hesitated to call on issues in the community because  their name will appear on the police report.  If you choose, the board has no problem with any resident contacting the board with any suspicious activities, etc  and we will file a report and the President's name will appear on the report. (not yours) As always you will remain anonymous.

Parking Across the Sidewalk

We are having a safety problem in Tuscany Village. Cars are parked across the sidewalk causing people and children to go up and down a curb and go into the street to get around the cars/vans. It makes it difficult for a wheel chair to pass or a disabled person to go on their walk. It also makes it difficult for pet owners walking their dogs. Residents have contacted the board on the issue of parked cars across the sidewalk (s) It is a simple fix, please don't park across the sidewalks. A classic workaround, which might save your from a ticket, frustrated residents and your vehicle removed. It is an Indiana Code Title 9.Motor Vehicles 9-21-16-5 The code goes on to say that a person may not stop, stand, or park a vehicle on a sidewalk, in front of a public or private driveway, within an intersection, etc. Person or vehicle blocking the sidewalk is in violation of the code. Please refer to the State Code. It is also a City Ordinance, Sec. 6-339. The ordinance goes on to say, when any street, alley or sidewalk so as to impede or interfere with free use thereof, the Chief of Police may remove such obstruction to some suitable place. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Moving forward, Main Street Management and the HOA Board will need to take the proper steps to insure the safety of our residents if the vehicles continue to block sidewalks. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Please refrain your pets from doing their duty on private property, the common grounds, especially in the park. When walking your pet in our community remember it should be leashed. Also, it is important to remember to immediately clean up after your pet. Take a baggie with you to pick up waste and then dispose of it properly. By cleaning up after your pet you can contribute to the beautification of our community and also the elimination of one of the most irritating nuisances in our community. Also, it has been noted that dogs are urinating on the trees, especially on the common ground evergreens/bushes. Please refrain your pets from urinating on the evergreens, etc., it is causing brown areas on the evergreens, etc. It is not healthy for the plants, etc.

Also, it has been noted that dogs are urinating  on the trees, especially on the common ground evergreens/bushes.  Please refrain your dogs from urinating on the evergreens, etc., it is causing brown areas on the evergreens, etc.  It is not healthy for the plants, etc.   If several dogs pee on the shrubs damage can occur from nitrogen overdose.  Burning on the leaves can appear caused by the nitrogen and also cause damage to the root system because the soil becomes saturated with nitrogen.  If this continues over time it can stunt or even kill the shrubs. 

Animal waste carried bacteria that could cause illness.  Besides being unsightly and smelly, animal waste can be hazardous to the health of your children who play in the community park and to other pets. One of the most common forms of disease transmission between dogs is through fecal matter.  It has become a major concern that pet owners are not cleaning up after their pets in the community park.  Please clean up for the safety of our children and other pets.   Your corporation is appreciated.
Note: The board has received numerous complaints on this issue. 

The board has been receiving reports on the issue of residents not turning in an ARC request for approval before starting any exterior project. Please turn in an ARC request before starting any exterior projects. All information can be found under the form tab. Also, other issues are parking of vehicle (s) on the street (s) overnight, signs on front lawns, and excessive barking dogs. A friendly reminder, these issues are all violations of the CC&R's and the Pool Rule and the excessive (nuisance) dog barking is also a city ordinance. The board encourages compliance with the rules for the greater benefit of the community as a whole. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Note: If you have any questions concerning a request for any exterior projects, please contact Doug Gregg, ARC Chair.  

The actual cost to run the fountain for 12 hours a day in 2017 from April through October was $1,340.89.  To run the fountain 24 hours a day from April through October would approximately cost the association $2,690.00. (double)  Our savings are half to only run it 12 hours.  For an 8 hour a day the electric cost would be approximately $68.80 a month, this amount does not include taxes. Bill for May, 2018 was $110.92, taxes not included.  Duke Energy determines the cost to run the fountain.  The board made a business judgement decision to run the fountain only 12 hours a day to be fair, reduce the cost and for what is in the best interest for all homeowners.  Fountain runs 10 am - 10 pm and that may change, as long as the change does not effect the pond quality.  Please refer to F&Q'a for more information.  Please feel free to contact the board with your thoughts on this issue. Note: One homeowner suggested to charge the people on the pond a higher assessment yearly. (at budget meeting)  Note: Woodfield's pond fountain does not run 24/7. It is only brought up because it was a concern of a homeowner of how long Woodfield's fountain runs. 

Beazer corporate officers in Atlanta are working on when they will return to Tuscany to finish the work in Section 2 & 3.  No timeline on anything as of yet.  

Mann's Property have bidders looking at the sidewalks that are marked in Section 1.  Bids have not been received , but they are due next week.  If you have any questions, please contact the board.

Safety Tips:
Have a fun and safe summer
Never leave a child alone in a car > Buckle up > Be especially attentive now that kid are out of school to stop signs and speed limits around the neighborhood > Do not play in the streets > Cross the street at the corner and look both ways > Parents please supervise children on the play e

Many homeowners have power washed their homes to remove mold and mildew.  Please check your homes for mold and mildew and power wash your home as part of your maintenance.  The mold and mildew on your homes could be a health issue to your family. 

If you have received a reminder to remove mold and mildew from the siding on your home, please comply.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Homeowners have also power washed their wooden fences improving their aesthetic appearance of their property and the association.  Please check your wooden fence to power wash, if you need to power wash your fence, please do so. 


As much as we might not like to admit it at times, homeowner associations have rules and regulations in place for a reason. Without certain deed restrictions, there could be a good chance of the community looking dramatically different and not in harmony with the whole community. One of the most important obligations and hardest job for any board, is to enforce the CC&R's. The board must act in the best interests of the whole community, perform our duties fairly and not to act in a discriminatory manner. It is understood some residents may not like being told what they can and can't do, however, the board ultimately is looking out for the good of the association. As your board, we have a" fiduciary duty" to the Association to enforce restrictions.. An HOA is a corporation and every state's corporation law imposes a fiduciary duty on the corporation's board. We are required to act in the best interest of the corporation. 


Dear Homeowners,

Please feel free to contact the board with any issues, questions or concerns at anytime.

  • HOA Boards including your board are allowed to make resolutions,rules or regulations without members votes in accordance with the CC&R's.

  • The board may adopt reasonable rules and regulation not contrary or inconsistent with the provisions of the CC&R's.

We are an open board. We are a dedicated board of directors that understands its role and pursues it with passion and a concise mission in mind for our association. Your board executes our responsibilities in good faith, with good business judgment and by always placing the association's interest above our own.


Please feel free to contact the board with any issues, questions or concerns at anytime.



Dan HOA President
Alan HOA Secretary
John HOA Treasurer

Safety First:
Please be mindful of the speed limit in our community and always stop at the stop signs. With the start of another school year,school buses are back on the road. Please be mindful of children, entering and exiting school buses to avoid any accidents and injuries. When a school bus makes a stop to pick up or drop off children, all motorists are to stop. (state law)

Trash and Recycle Containers:

Greenwood/Best Way Disposal provides weekly trash pickup, trash containers are to be placed on the curb no earlier than Wednesday night after 6:00 p.m. Bi-weekly recycling is provided to residents within city limits and the container is not to be placed out on the curb earlier than the night before pickup. On your designated pickup day, trash and recycling must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. When not placed at the curb on pick up days all trash and recycle bins need to be stored in your garages. Trash pickup inquiries - 317-484-3365 Sewer Problems - 317-888-1254

Dogs In Park:

Please pick up after your dog at the park. Leaving their duty is a health and safety issue to our residents and especially our children. Also, do not allow your dog (s) to do their duty on homeowner’s lawns, even if you pick it up. Also, dogs are to be on a leash at all times.

Barking Dogs and Restraints:

Barking dogs in Tuscany is disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of our community. Please make the appropriate changes immediately so that your dog does not bark excessively for long periods of time anymore. This nuisance is in violation of Article IV, Section Q and it is also a City Ordinance. Also, your pet is to be restrained at all times. (Code Violation)

Crime Watch:

It is the responsibility of every resident of Tuscany Village to monitor the behavior of their families, tenants and guests and to report any suspicious activity that would cause harm or damage in our community. (Dispatch 317-346-6336)  Crime Watch Block Captains are needed. they serve as a liaison between the Crime Watch Coordinator and the HOA Board.  Have you picked up your Neighborhood Crime Watch Information Sheet from the Crime Watch Chair, Rob Vettiner. This is an excellent program that is organized in corporation with the Greenwood Police. Please contact Rob for more details: or your HOA Board To help keep our community safe, please volunteer to be a block Captain. "Neighbors watching out for neighbors."

Overnight street parking in Tuscany is not allowed.  Parking on the street overnight is in violation of Article IV, Section R This is a friendly reminder to refrain from parking on the street/s overnight before a violation notice is sent.


No signs or advertisement shall be displayed or placed on any lot or structures in the development, except entry signs and home or lot sales signs.  CC&R's Article IV, Section P

Storm Drain:
Leaves and grass clippings clog storms drains, causing flooding during storms both in the streets and in our waterways. Also looks untidy. Debris including grass clippings goes into our three (3) Aqua Swirls which causes an issue of having to clean the Aqua Swirls which will cost the Association approximately $500 to $1,500 depending on the size of the unit. Grass clippings and debris on the streets and sidewalks is against our CC&R's. It is also a City code, section 9 - 159. Illicit Dumping and Discharge.

Frequent Violations:

  1. 1. Trash cans outside and other refuse

  2. 2. Trailers and campers on driveways longer than 24 hours

  3. 3. Vehicles parked on the streets overnight

  4. 4. Vehicles parking across sidewalks

  5. 5. Debris on driveways and side of houses

  6. 6. Aesthetic appearances, especially lawn height and weeds.

  7. 7. Barking dogs.

  8. 8. Homeowners not requesting prior approval from the ARC before starting any projects or planting substantial plants/trees or removal of tree (s)

  9. 9. Exterior colored lighting displayed

  10. 10. Grass clipping, fertilizer, rocks, etc. left on the streets and sidewalks

  11. 11. Overgrowth of bushes and plants

  12. 12. Not following the pool rule

  13. 13. Not having the required landscaping (6) bushes/shrubs (1) tree


The Association's website is the primary source of information for residents of the HOA. Please contact the board at anytime with concerns and/or issues.
Mailings signs, and newsletters also include other periodic communication.

Replace burned -out Garage Light Bulbs:

Please replace all burned-out bulbs in a timely manner. This way our neighborhood will remain illuminated at night, which is one of the biggest deterrents to crime.

Tuscany Village Streets

There still is an issue with grass clippings in/on the streets. Please clean up after you cut the grass. Do not leave grass clippings or other debris in/on the streets or on the sidewalk. City code and a Clean Water Act.

Also, the HOA President received a phone call from the city to remind our residents not to put any construction materials, i.e. gravel, soil, mulch, rock, wood, etc. in/on the street (s). This is a Greenwood code violation, not a board or ARC decision.


Please keep in mind when working on landscaping in your front yard the DCC&R's, Article 4, Section B. Mail Boxes and Landscaping states: "your front yard shall contain 6 bushes (a low woody plant with spreading branches/shrubs) or similar (nearly alike-woody with branches) plants with a minimum height of 18" and at least one deciduous tree having the caliper of not less than 2." It has been reported to the HOA Board that homeowners are removing their bushes from their front yard. Please follow the DCC&R's. Thank You! Any questions please contact the Board.

Exterior Maintenance

Please maintain the exterior of your home. i.e. remove mold from your house, fence maintenance, trimming of bushes, etc. Maintenance of Lots and Improvement falls under Article IV, Section I of the CC&R's. Also, there is a city code, "Property Maintenance Law" Maintain the exterior surfaces, i.e. mold, mildew, missing siding, etc.

Outdoor Colored Lights

Please read and follow the Revised Exterior Colored Lights and Decoration Rule, found under Forms and Legal Documents tab. The display of outdoor colored lights all year is unsightly and not in harmonious relationship among the residents/community units. Decorations and colored lighting is only to be displayed as the rule states: "Seasonal Holidays Only"

Calendar of Events – 2018

Board Meetings:

Homeowners are invited to attend and observe the HOA Board meetings. Meeting times, dates and places are scheduled by the Board of Directors.

HOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for - August 28, 2018  Details and informational packet will be mailed to all homeowners ten (10) days prior to the meeting. 


For more information on events in and around our area, check out the following.

Indiana State Museum:
Children's Museum of Indianapolis:
Eiteljorg Museum:
Indianapolis Zoo:
Greenwood Community and Recreation Center 317-881-4545
Johnson County Public Library - White River-

August 11 - 3rd Annual National Night Out - 6:30pm - 8:30pm Volunteers needed

We have confirmation from the Greenwood Police Department, Sheriff Department, Animal Control and the White River Fire Department

Guardian Protection, Foster Care and the Greenwood K-9 that they will be attending our NNO.  The local businesses were very generous this year to Tuscany Village NNO.  Over 100 donations were received.  With their generosity, the Social Committee is going to combine G.C. for a larger free prize for each drawing.  Each regular free raffle prizes value ranges from $30.00 to $50.00. The large free raffle prizes range from $55.00 to $100.00
Bring your family, invite your neighbors and make new acquaintances.  Take a moment to thank our local police and fire departments. 

Food and beverage's will be served, while supply last.  There will be music for your enjoyment, free raffle, games for the kids and a new addition this year, a bouncy castle.  Hope to see everyone at NNO to support our local police, etc.  A donation container for the Greenwood Police Department will be placed on the sign in table and also a box will be placed by Animal Control for donations for the shelter. Their wish list:: Clorox wipes, Trash bags (4,13 & 30 gal) Dawn, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Paper Towels, White Rice, Kitten Chow and Puppy Chow, Dog and Cat Treats, Towels, and Copier Paper. 

 2018 Tuscany Village Social Community Calendar


May 18 &19 - 4th Annual Community Yard Sale - 8:00pm-3:00pm  A volunteer is needed to chair this event.

June - "Yard of the Month" Congratulations to Tom and Jan Witkowski  Click on the Photo tab to review pictures.

July - Happy 4th of July

July - "Yard of the Month" Congratulations to Mark and Peggy Carson   Click on the Photo tab to review pictures.

August - "Yard of the Month" Congratulations to the Burks Family. Click on the Photo tab to review pictures.

August 11 - 3rd Annual National Night Out - 6:30pm - 8:30pm Volunteers needed
We have confirmation from the Greenwood Police Department, Sheriff Department, Animal Control and the White River Fire Department that they will be attending our NNO.  If you know a business or homeowner that would like to donate to the free drawing, etc. for our NNO. There will be a surprise visitor attending our NNO from Chick-fil-a.

September - TBA - 3rd Annual Pitch-In - A volunteer is needed to host this event

October 31 - 4th Annual Monster Walk - 60 minutes before "trick n treating" Participants should gather for the parade in the cul-de-sac at the south end of Valdarno Drive 60 minutes before Trick n Treating hours. Treats and judging of costumes will take place at the end of the parade at Tuscany Park Pavilion
Ages: 1-3, 4-7, 8-10, 10 & up (costume judging)

November - Happy Thanksgiving

December - 3rd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest - Judging the week of December 17, 2018.

Greenwood 2018

Heavy Trash Pickup 
Heavy trash pickup for Tuscany Village  is the last Thursday of every month. on normal trash pickup day.  
1/25/18, 2/22, 3/29, 4/26, 5/24, 6/28, 7/26, 8/30,
 9/27, 10/25, 11/29, (Thanksgiving) pickup 11/30), 12/27

Greenwood Events:

Greenwood Farmers Market
The market runs every Saturday from the second week of May  until the second Saturday in October, depending on produce availability.
Date: May 12 - October 13   Time: 8:00am  - 12:00pm

Splash Pad at City Center Park
415 Lincoln St.
Greenwood, IN

Date: May 26 - September 3  Information: 317-887-5000

Indiana live steamers train rides

Johnson County Park
Date: September 15   Time: 12:00-4:00pm 

For more information on dates and times:

September 22 - First Day of Autumn

Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County
401 Ohio Rockville, Parke County  (Countywide)
Crafters, vendors, good food, and more. 
Date: Friday, October 12, 2018 through October 21, 2018  Hours and activities vary daily.
Information: 765-569-5226 or

2018 Rock the Clock Block Party
300 S. Madison Ave 
Greenwood, IN
Greenwood Rock the Clock block party kicks-off at 1 pm on the corner of Main and Madison next to the City Center, and continues until 8 pm.  Enjoy live music, food, beverages, plus games and entertainment for the whole family. 
Date: Saturday; September 22, 2018
Time: 1 pm - 8 pm
                 Admission: No charge   Information:   317-881-4545 

2018 Greenwood Community Center and City Events


September 1 - Touch a Truck  9:00 am - Noon  Admission: $2.00 per child

September 8 - Puppy PoolLooza - end of summer pool party for your puppy at the Freedom Springs

September 9 - Grandparents Day

September 14 - Movies in the Park (amphitheater) Back to the Future  8:00 pm 

September 22 - Rock the Clock

September 22 - First Day of Autumn

September 28 - Movies in the Park (amphitheater) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 8:00 pm

September 30 - Just Plane Fun

October 12 - Movies in the Pard (amphitheater) Scream Must be over 21 to attend  8:00 pm

October 19 - Monster Mash

December 2 - Kids City Christmas crafts, holiday movie, cookie decorating and a special guest

December 16 - Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast will be served at 9:00 am

Date: For more information on dates and times call - 317-881-4545


Ray Skillman Auto Museum
1280 US 31 S. Greenwood, IN
Date: Open | Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Admission: FREE

Craig Park - University Park - City Center Park

Downtown Indianapolis

For updated information on current activities and events
Events by Month - For more information -
IndyHub Indianapolis Calendar of Events -
Some of the events are hosted by IndyHub, but most of them have been submitted to the calendar by people having an event. To post an event just click on "Post Your Event" button and give details of your event.
Indiana State Museum:
Children's Museum of Indianapolis:
Eiteljorg Museum:
Indianapolis Zoo:
Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field:
Indianapolis Art Center: | 317-255-2464
Indianapolis Motor Speedway:
Lucas Oil Stadium: 317-262-8600
Indiana State Fairgrounds: 317-927-7622
Indianapolis Fire Fighters Museum: 317-262-5161
Bankers Life Fieldhouse: 317-917-2500
Hinkle Fieldhouse: 317-940-8000
Canal Walk" 317-233-2434
Go Ape Treetop Adventure:
IMAX Theater: | 317-233-4629
Conner Prairie: 317-776-6000
Rhythm! Discovery Center: | 317-275-9030



Indianapolis 2018


Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Indianapolis Zoo
Immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies as Butterfly Kaleidoscope presented by Citizens Energy returns to the Hilbert Conservatory.
Date: March 16-September 3  
Zoo Admission


Indiana State Fair
Indianapolis Fair Grounds
Date: August 3-19  Times vary  Admission and parking charge

Halloween ZooBoo
Indianapolis Zoo
Come and enjoy Halloween ZooBoo from spooktacular activities to amazing animals and pumpkins galore and the newest Halloween experience awaits inside Pumpkin Town. The Bicentennial Pavilion will be transformed into a whimsical village.
Dates: October 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28 Times: 2:00-7:00pm
Admission: Free to zoo members.  General public, zoo admission.

Christmas at the Zoo
Indianapolis Zoo

Be Part of the Tradition!
The zoo opens at noon and special activities go from 5-9pm with new extended hours from 5-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  Come early, visit the animals, and take a photo with Santa.  Watch as the lights come on at dusk to transform the zoo into a winter wonderland.

Admission: Free to zoo members.  General public, zoo admission.
Date: November 23 - December 23  Admission: Free to zoo members.  General public, zoo admission.


Circle of Lights
Downtown Indy Monument Circle
Date: Friday, November 23, 2018   Time: 6:00 pm


Ice Skating
State Fairgrounds Youth Pavilion
Ages 3 and under: free; 4 and up: $6.00
Skate Rental $4.00; Parking $5.00

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre
9301 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis
Food, fun and fabulous live entertainment all year long!
Date: All year long, Times and ticket prices vary, Ticket price includes dinner and show
For more information on performances, times, prices and dates: 317-872-9664


Architectural Review Committee Form

Please use this form to request permission to make changes to your property that may be subject to review as outlined in your association's Covenants and Restrictions.


Tuscany Village ARC Form


If you need a plot plan, you can check with the Joey Harris at


Your covenants require all Architectural changes to be approved by the ARC. Before you start any projects or improvements, please get it approved by filling out an Architectural Review Form and submitting all the proper documents to Main Street. Unfortunately, if you do NOT complete this process, you are in violation of the covenants and subject to removal of any structure not approved. We do not want this to happen, so please turn in your Architectural Review Form. Any questions contact Doug Gregg, ARC Chair –

Legal Documents

Tuscany Village Covenants and Restrictions

Tuscany Village By-laws

Tuscany Village Certificate of Corporation

Tuscany Village Rule Regarding Violations of Declarations

TVC - First Amendment to Code of By-laws: Quorum and Adjournments

TVC -Second Amendment to the By-Laws: Suspension of Voting Rights

TVC - Third Amendment to By-laws: Article III 

TVC - Fourth Amendment to the By-Laws Article II Members

TVC - Exterior Light Rule

TVC - Wood Fence Rule

TVC - ARC Trash Storage Requirements 

TVC - Above Ground Pool Rule

City of Greenwood Encroachment Request

TVC - Collection Policy

TVC Unanimous Written Consent Resolutions

Meeting Minutes

Tuscany Village HOA Board Meeting Minutes 05-31-2016

TVC - Board Meeting Minutes - 7-20-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 6-29-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 8-30-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 10-19-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 2-27-2017

TVC - Annual Meeting Minutes 04-20-2017  

TVC - Special Meeting Minutes 6-26-2017

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 8-26-2017

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 10-23-2017

TVC - 2017 Architectural Review Year End Report

FAQs & Answers

Are ADT and other security signs allowed to be displayed in our front yard?

The display of security signs isn't about advertisement from the security companies, it is a warning to burglars, "I am protecting my family from you." Yard signs are a deterrent and an important strategy in total home security. Well placed signs let a burglar know that there will be obstacles. Home security signs offer several advantages. The most important is that homes that clearly display a home security sign are less likely to be broken into. Also, with alarm monitoring signs in the neighborhood being displayed in yards, it may actually deter crime in the entire neighborhood.

Some insurance companies (maybe all) offer discounts on homeowner's insurance premiums for their clients who install a security system and display the associated signage. Also, the police encourage security signs to be displayed.

Is the pond fountain broken?
No, the pond fountain is not broken, to this day the fountain functions normally and has not required repairs. The pond fountain was off for a short time because of a power surge.  (diagnostic cost zero)) The pond fountain was reset, circuit switch was turned back on (repair cost zero) Keep in mind our fountain unit has voltage running out into the water.  It is intentionally designed to detect fluctuations in voltage to ground in micro-volts to not only to protect equipment but to assure against the electrocution of people when they are near the water. 
How much has it cost our neighborhood in diagnostic fees and replacement costs?
It has cost the association zero in diagnostic fees and zero replacement costs as of now.   (2017 zero)  
 Are the pumps designed to run 24/7/365 days?
Pumps may be designed to run 24/7/365 days, however, it is not required. The fountain runs in the most important hours of the day to produce oxygen and it holds through the night.  That is what is important (oxygen)  To run it all night or the extra 12 hours would increase the associations monthly electric cost.  It would be a burden to homeowners. To leave the fountain (pump) running all winter could cause permanent damage to the pump. Note: It isn't fair to other homeowners to run a pump 24 hours a day, when it isn't necessary, It isn't fair to all homeowners to run it at night for only aesthetic reasons to increase the bill for everyone to pay. 
Do the aqua swirls need to be cleaned?
No, not this year.  The City of Greenwood was out in May to inspect the aqua swirls. 

Do grass clippings and debris going into the storm sewers hurt the pond?
Yes.  Yard waste and debris contributes excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which deletes oxygen from the pond (kills fish) and contributes to unwanted and uncontrolled growth of algae and invasive weeds.  Phosphorus is one of the primary water quality problems.  This action (toxic discharge) is costing the association extra expenses to treat the pond.  Also, it is a city violation, HOA violation and a Clean Water Act (EPA) violation to allow grass clippings, etc to run off into the drains.

What is the difference between the CC&R's and the Bylaws?

The CC&R's is a legally binding document that is officially recorded and filed with Indiana.  They cover the rights and obligations of the HOA to its members. It is typical for the CC&R's to regulate things such as: landscaping, pets, garbage cans, etc. 

The Bylaws establish the structure of day - to - day governance of your homeowners association. The bylaws govern how the HOA operates and contain the information needed to run the HOA as a business. For example, the bylaws cover, membership voting rights, how many people on the Board of Directors, etc.  A vote (75%) from the membership is not required for the Board of Directors to amend the Bylaws

What were the results of the community survey (February) for improvements in the community park?

The mailing of the survey was sent to 152 homes in January, 2017 return date was in February.  The results were presented at the February Open Board Meeting. The survey provided the board lots of valuable information. Conducting the resident survey gave the board a way to compare interests, wants, suggestions and needs for the community.  All responses are to be kept strictly confidential. Only the summary results (below) for each category was compiled and reported back to the community so that everyone understands what the general viewpoint are.  

Volleyball Court - Yes - 32%, No - 50%
Basketball Court - 9%, Swings - 18%, Swimming Pool & Clubhouse - 14%, More shade trees - 4%  Community Room/Shelter/Pavilion/picnic tables - 14%,  Children Safety Signs - 4%                                       

 The board reviewed the surveys from the homeowners  who responded and the only improvement without putting a financial burden on the community or a imposing a special assessment and what was in the best interest of the whole community was a Pavilion and picnic tables. Suggestions of the other improvements in the park is not affordable at this time, without a special assessment.     

Why was the Fourth Amendment of the By-Laws, Article II amended?
The Fourth Amendment to Article II of the By-Laws was amended in the best interest of the association. The board is entitled to act in “good faith,” what is in the best interest of the association and based on well informed business judgment. The Board of Directors has legally amended Article II of the By-Laws to allow for less strict scheduling of the annual meeting. It will give board's more flexibility to work around their schedule's and certain unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

Do I need ARC approval for substantial planting and removal of planting and tree (s)?
Yes, you do need ARC approval for substantial planting and removal of planting and tree (s). Please refer to the CC&R's Article VI, Section 6.2. Article IV, Section I. Also, review the ARC Guidelines, found under Forms and Legal Documents.

Is there a rule or code on maintaining my lot?
Yes, Maintenance of Lots and Improvements: Article IV, Section I. Also, there is a city code, "Property Maintenance Law" Maintain the exterior surfaces, i.e. mold, mildew, missing siding, etc.

Does the board ride around to report violations?
No, the board does not ride around looking for violations. Main Street Management performs all inspections once a month. However, you will see the board out in the community working, walking, monitoring our vendors, etc.

When does the HOA Board meet?
The open homeowner and annual meeting(s) schedule may be found on the community website, under the "Calendar of Events" tab. The board is in communication everyday, monthly executive meetings (or more if necessary). However, the board encourages all residents to contact the board at anytime to address all your concerns. We are an "open board" and our main source of communication (s) is our email address, the community website, newsletters, personally, meetings, etc.

When is exterior colored lighting and holiday decorations allowed to be displayed?

The HOA Board deems that any/all exterior colored lighting and decorations are not allowed to be displayed at any time except during Seasonal Holidays.

Seasonal Holiday Lights and Decorations are subject to the following:

  1. 1. Christmas colored lights and decorations may be displayed December 1st - January 15th. All Christmas colored lights and decorations must be taken down no later than January 15th.

  2. 2. Colored lighting and seasonal decorations falling outside the above dates may be displayed one (1) week prior to the holiday and up to one (1) week after.

Displaying of exterior colored lights and decorations at any other time will be a violation of Article IV

USE RESTRICTIONS I. Maintenance of Lots and Improvements. (iii)

Is it the HOA Board's obligation to enforce the CC&R's?
Yes, it is one of the most important obligations of the HOA Board to enforce and ensure that each homeowner in our community is adhering to the CC&R's set forth in our documents. The HOA has certain obligations under both the state and federal laws. We must act fairly and in the best interest of the whole community.

Who should I contact is a street light is out?
Contact Duke Energy at 1-800-521-2232 with the address closest to the light and any numbers that may be on the pole.

What if I have a problem with loud neighbors, or animals not on a leash or extreme concerns that require immediate attention?
We suggest that in circumstances that require emergency assistance that homeowners use their right to be safe and call the proper authorities in extreme cases, for instance, if a dog is running loose in a community animal control needs to be contacted.

How do I know what is allowed within the community such as basketball goals, satellite dishes, fences, pools, and hot tubs?
There are covenants and restrictions that were given to homeowners at closing that they can use for reference to see what the community will allow. The covenants can be found on the HOA Documents page of this website. Also, you can contact the Main Street Management, HOA Board and/or the ARC Committee. All email addresses can be found under contacts on this website.

If I want to make changes, additions, or improvements to my lot what process do I need to follow?
You need to submit an Architectural Request Form from Main Street Management which can be downloaded from the website or mailed to you. Also, a plot plan needs to be included with it marked where the changes will be on the lot, a contractors estimate needs to be submitted as well. After these documents are sent to Main Street they have 45 days to process the request and a letter will be sent to the homeowner with the status of the request.

What if I have a complaint about another homeowner who is not in compliance with the covenants and restrictions for my community?
You can call Main Street Management and speak to the Property Manager for our community and express your concern, they do a rotation schedule of property inspections and at that time they can address the issue to solve it quickly.

Why do we pay HOA dues?
The HOA dues are very important to all Tuscany Village homeowners. They need to be paid in full and on time. The dues fund all of the common areas, pond, exterior maintenance, landscaping, insurance, property management fees, repairs, utilities and a host of other items. The dues are to keep the corporation running.

Is parking across the sidewalk (s) allowed?
No, parking across sidewalks is not allowed even if the sidewalk intersects with the owner's driveway. It is a City and State code you may be cited for blocking sidewalks with a vehicle or any other obstruction.

Do I need ARC approval before I start a project?
Yes, the CC&R's require all/any exterior changes to be approved by the ARC before any project (s) or improvements. The ARC form and guidelines can be found under forms on Tuscany Village website.

How do I clean mold, dirt, etc off my vinyl siding?
Simple Green offers an environmentally friendly cleaner that is specially formulated for vinyl siding and painted wood. Fantastic or Windex can be used on tough stains. Rust stains try Instant Rust Out. Using a pressure washer is not recommended by some manufacturers. They recommend, if used, use a limited amount of pressure.

What is an HOA?
An HOA is a legal entity created to manage and maintain the common areas and amenities of a community with a set of rules called Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. "otherwise, know as the DCC&R's" The governing documents are essentially a legally binding contract between the owner/members and the Association. All persons owning a house within Tuscany Village community automatically become a member of Tuscany Village Association (HOA) at time of closing (contract is signed) and are required to pay the yearly assessment.

One of the primary functions of the HOA is to enforce and ensure that these "CC&R's" are adhered to by the individual homeowners. The guiding principals of these regulations are to help maintain property values and the quality of life in the community.

How do I update my mailing address?
It is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure their HOA Board and Management Company has a correct mailing address (phone number) on file. If you need to change your information please contact the HOA Board or Main Street Management.

What if I disagree with a violation letter or fine I receive?
You may contact the HOA Board or Main Street Management and we will be glad to discuss the reason behind the violation letter or fine. Homeowners (by law) are entitled to request a hearing in front of the Board of Directors to discuss and verify facts regarding the matter (s) 10 days from the date the letter was mailed. All requests for a hearing must be in writing.

Are fire pits allowed?
Yes, fire pits are allowed, however, there is a city Ordinance NO. 12.15 and State Codes that should be followed. The ARC has a copy of the City Ordinance and the State Codes can be found on line. Also, if it is permanent structure, an ARC request should be completed.

Helpful Links

Crime & Safety
Greenwood Police Department:

Greenwood Police Dispatch 317-346-6336


Police Administrative Department - 882- 9191
Greenwood Department Tip Line - 865-0300
Fire Department Administrative - 882-2599
Indiana Poison Control - 1-800-222-1222
Johnson County Sheriff - 736-9155
Code Enforcement - 887-5228
National Crime Prevention -
Family Watchdog:-
Nation Child Abuse
Hotline -1-800-422-4453


Animal Care
Johnson County Animal Control - 736-3924
Humane Society of Indianapolis - 872-5650


Other Resources
Community Center- 881-4545
Greenwood Senior Center- 882-4810
Freedom Springs Aquatics Park- 884-2078
Indianapolis Colts -
Indiana Pacers -
Time & Temperature - 635-5959
Baxter YMCA - 881-9347
Estes (Mailbox) - 889-5556

Government Affairs
Official website of the City of Greenwood

Government Offices - 736-5000
Official website of Johnson County

Community South - 887-7000
Franciscan St. Francis Health South - 528-5000

Greenwood Public - 881 -1953
Johnson Country Public Library - White River Public – Greenwood- 885-1330

License Branch
Greenwood, 349 S. Washington Street - 881-2183

Bargersville Utilities - 422-5115
Best Way Disposal (Trash) - 1-800-354-1830
Greenwood Sanitation Department - 887-5232
Duke Energy (Electric) 1-800-521- 2232
Vectren Energy (Gas) - 1-800-777-2060

Shipping Services
Greenwood Post Office-Smith Valley - 4646-6043

Contact Information

The Tuscany Village Community Association is managed by
Main Street Management, LLC.

Joey Harris, Community Property Manager
317-218-7650 x141

5665 N. Post Road, Suite 120
Indianapolis, IN 46216

Fax -765-742-6401

Board of Directors Contact Information

Dan Swidron, President

Alan Coppinger, Secretary

John Cangany, Treasurer

ARC Committee Contact Information

Doug Gregg, Chair

Mark Carson, Member

Linda Acheson, Member

Crime Watch Committee Contact Information

Rob Vettiner, Chair

Social Committee Contact Information

Bernadette Swidron


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  to all the patrons for their continued support to Tuscany. 








Thank you to all homeowners of Tuscany Village for reinstating your HOA Board, Dan Swidron - President, and Alan Coppinger - Secretary. A solid foundation has been laid: effective and successful policies and procedures have been implemented. We will continue to to address challenging issues, to preserve and protect the value of properties of the community. We have a deep commitment to contributing to the betterment of Tuscany Village in all aspects. We will continue to put the community first, be fair and to do what is for the good of ALL residents of Tuscany Village. Again, we " THANK YOU!"

Thanks for supporting the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Tuscany Village Easter Egg Hunt was a great success.

The count down was started, "3-2-1 GO!" The park was immediately flooded with kids.  In a flash 50+ kids picked up the plastic eggs. It means so much just to see the kids and their parents come out for the Easter Egg Hunt, and to see the look on the kids faces running to find the most eggs  A good time was had by all. 

A special "Thank You" to all our volunteers, Eric Berg, Katie Berg, Carol Angel, Rosalie Cleveland,and to our HOA Board of Directors to make this one of the BEST Community Easter Egg Hunts ever! We could not do what we do without you. 

"Thank You" Alan, for once again volunteering to be the event photographer.  As always, "Great Pictures"

"Thank You" Katie, for playing the part of the Easter Bunny this year, you were a big hit.  Parents took some great pictures of their kids with the bunny. 

Thanks everyone for coming and making this a great event for the kids!  Hope to see everyone at the next community event on August 11, 2018, National Night Out. 

Congratulations to the winners of the drawings:  Easter Basket - Rowan Fowler  Easter Bunny - William Locke
Jelly Bean Contest: Laurie

Thanks again,
Bernadette Swidron
Tuscany Village Social Chair

Thank you Painting of Fire Hydrants
Thank you to Doug Kelley, Larry McFarland, Brian Klinger and the HOA Board for volunteering to help paint the 16 fire hydrants. They saved the Association approximately $900.00. Check them out, they really look nice. Plus, now with the fresh paint, the hydrants really stand out for easier location for the fire department, especially at night. Thanks again!

Thank you to the HOA Board for removing the trash from the Community Park. The cost to the Association would be $35.00 for each pick-up if pick-up (s) were contracted out. Volunteering around the community saves the Association money, raising of dues and helps keep the community looking good. Please volunteer!


August Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Burks Family 1525 Padana Drive

July Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Mark and Peggy Carson

June Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Tom and Jan Witkowski

2018 Easter Egg Hunt

2017 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

1st Place Winners Ben and Kelly Miller


2nd Place Winners Rob and Jennifer Whitlow


Honorable Mention Mark and Peggy Carson


2017 Best Costume Winners



2017 3rd Annual Monster Walk


Volunteers Installing Base of the Pavilion

Doug Kelley, Eric Berg, Doug Gregg, Mark Carson, Alan Coppinger, Dan Swidron

2017 National Night Out

2017 Sock Hop/Ice Cream Social

Dance Contest

Winners: Bailey and Grace

Limbo Contest

Winner: Nandihi Vaja

Balloon Toss

Winners: Nicole and Wil

Best Costume: Katie Berg

Face Painting


Blue Line, Red Line Flag Raising


Tuscany Village HOA's 1st Holiday Decorating Contest-2016 winner is Rob and Jennifer Whitlow