About the Fountain

The actual cost to run the fountain for 12 hours a day in 2017 from April through October was $1,340.89. To run the fountain 24 hours a day from April through October would approximately cost the association $2,690.00 (double). Our savings are half to only run it 12 hours. Duke Energy determines the cost to run the fountain. The board made a business judgement decision to run the fountain only 12 hours a day to be fair, reduce the cost and for what is in the best interest for all homeowners. Fountain runs 10 am – 10 pm and that may change, as long as the change does not effect the pond quality. Please refer to FAQ’s for more information. Note: Woodfield’s pond fountain does not run 24/7. It is only brought up because it was a concern of a homeowner of how long Woodfield’s fountain runs.