Bridge Mill

Welcome to Bridge Mill Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc.

We are a residential community of 41 homes located northeast of Lafayette on County Road 200 North. Main Street Management provides management and administrative services for our HOA. Contact Main Street Management at 765-742-6390.


Community Information

Homeowners Association Board Members

President: Adam Ostein

VP - Tony Geisler

Secretary: Holden Kelly

Treasurer: Kyle Kurtz

Main Street Management

Jennifer Cassady, Property Manager
133 N 4th St
Suite 300
Lafayette, IN 47901

Direct: (765) 701-4142
Email: [email protected]

Who do I contact about HOA dues and payment options?

Main Street Management provides billing and administrative services for our HOA. Contact Main Street Management at 765-742-6390, or Jennifer Cassidy at 765-701-4142.

What do I do if I have a problem with the septic system?

We currently have a maintenance agreement with Godlove Enterprises, Inc. to provide all maintenance and repair to our septic system. If you experience any problems with your individual septic system or if you hear a septic alarm anywhere in the community, please contact Godlove Enterprises, Inc. immediately.

Godlove Enterprises, Inc.
Contact Steve or Brian


"I began working with Main Street Management in July of 2007 and they made the transition as smooth as possible. Everything is completed in a timely manner and the financials are completed by the 15th of each month. Main Street Management delivers on what they say they are going to do and I know that the information is tracked correctly. I have worked with at least a dozen management companies and Main Street Management has really been the best!"

Michelle L., Developer/Builder

"I am a homeowner and Board Member in a neighborhood that is being managed by Main Street Management. Before they took over, we were faced with many unresolved issues. I can truly say without any reservations that my neighborhood is looking much better. Because of Main Street Management, I believe it is headed in the right direction."

Jeff S.

"When our Association was being turned over to the home owners, the new board was elected. The primary issue at hand had been the lack of responsiveness and comprehensive financial handling of our books. In reviewing management companies, Main Street Management, LLC stood out from the other companies. Since the end of 2007, the progress on our community and financial handling of books have dramatically improved. The home owners have already seen issues not resolved for years becoming addressed such as proper snow plowing, swimming pool area upgrades, and covenant review. The board would recommend Main Street Management to any other HOA looking for services."

Lola J. – Board Member of an HOA