Tuscany Village

The Board of the Tuscany Village Homeowners Association welcomes you to our web page. This website has been established to provide a convenient source of information for current and future members of the Tuscany Village Homeowners Association.


Our vision for Tuscany Village is a community of friendly and caring neighbors who cooperate with each other to affirm the value of both our property and our friendships.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through the management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants, support of initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, and investment in capital improvements that benefit the greater good.


In fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision, we value the six pillars of community living: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, in all our actions.

News & Events

Tuscany Village Survey: Sheds and Mini Barns

July 24, 2019

Hi, neighbors! The HOA has been asked about sheds and mini barns. Would you please take 3 minutes to share your opinion in this survey?

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Update on Damage From AT&T Last Fall

July 24, 2019

A project manager for JOSCO Construction Services, which performed the AT&T installation, drove through our community this past week and met with our Architecture Committee Chair, Doug Gregg.

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Community Update

April 1, 2019

Replace burned out Garage Light Bulbs
Please replace all burned-out bulbs in a timely manner. This way our neighborhood will remain illuminated at night, which is one of the biggest deterrents to crime

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Pet Update

January 1, 2019

Please refrain your pets from doing their duty on private property, the common grounds, especially in the park. When walking your pet in our community remember it should be leashed. Also, it is important to remember to immediately clean up after your pet.

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Community Update 2017

November 1, 2018

Safety FirstPlease be mindful of the speed limit in our community and always stop at the stop signs. With the start of another school year,school buses are back on the road. Please be mindful of children, entering and exiting school buses to avoid any accidents and injuries. When a school bus makes a stop to…

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Community Update October 2018

October 1, 2018

This year’s Monster March, our annual kids’ Halloween parade, is scheduled for 5:45-6:15 pm on 10/31. We’ll meet at the west side of Padana by the park, walk down Valdarno and circle back to the park. From there, kids can go on their regular trick-or-treating. Special thanks to the Social Committee volunteers for organizing this and to everyone who donated candy!

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ARC Requests

September 1, 2018

Please turn in an ARC request for approval before starting any exterior project. Please turn in an ARC request before starting any exterior projects.

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Parking Across the Sidewalk

July 1, 2018

We are having a safety problem in Tuscany Village. Cars are parked across the sidewalk causing people and children to go up and down a curb and go into the street to get around the cars/vans. It makes it difficult for a wheel chair to pass or a disabled person to go on their walk.

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About the Fountain

May 24, 2018

The actual cost to run the fountain for 12 hours a day in 2017 from April through October was $1,340.89. To run the fountain 24 hours a day from April through October would approximately cost the association $2,690.00 (double).

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Community Information

Our Community

The Tuscany Village subdivision was established in Greenwood, Indiana in 2006. Tuscany Village is a family-focused community consisting of 152 single-family homes located in the White River Township of Johnson County. Many shopping and dining options are available within a 15-minute driving radius. Police and fire services are extremely close. Downtown Indianapolis is 20 miles away.

2022 assessment of $360.00 is due on or before January 1, 2022. Please pay your 2022 assessment on time. As you know, your dues have a tremendous impact on our wonderful community, from improvements to community events. Thank you!

Your HOA operates solely on funds received from annual dues which are required by the recorded CC&R's for the development to keep the corporation up and running by paying your dues in a timely manner. Members not paying their dues in a timely manner or not at all, jeopardize the need to reduce or eliminate services that benefit the entire community. If you have not paid your dues or owe late fees, please contact Marissa Scheffler. (MSM).

Thank you for paying your annual dues in a timely manner...your neighbors that pay on time appreciate it.

Tuscany Village Companies

Tuscany Village Management Company
Main Street Management, LLC
Marissa Scheffler, Community Property Manager
Phone Number – 317-218-7650, ext. 144

Contact Information

The Tuscany Village Community Association is managed by Main Street Management, LLC.

Marissa Scheffler, Community Property Manager
4735 Statesmen Drive
Suite E
Indianapolis, IN 46250
O: 317-218-7650 x144
F: 765-742-6401
[email protected]
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Seth Seaton - President
Doug Gregg - Treasurer
Linda Acheson - Secretary

If you are interested in volunteering for the board, there is currently one vacancy. Please submit your interest to [email protected].

ARC Committee Contact Information

Doug Gregg, Chair: [email protected]
Mark Carson, Member
Linda Acheson, Member

Crime Watch Committee Contact Information

Looking for volunteers, contact [email protected]

Social Committee Contact Information

Looking for volunteers, contact [email protected]

Architectural Review Committee Form

Please use this form to request permission to make changes to your property that may be subject to review as outlined in your association's Covenants and Restrictions.

Tuscany Village ACC Form

If you need a plot plan, you can check with the Marissa Scheffler at [email protected].

Your covenants require all Architectural changes to be approved by the ARC. Before you start any projects or improvements, please get it approved by filling out an Architectural Review Form and submitting all the proper documents to Main Street. Unfortunately, if you do NOT complete this process, you are in violation of the covenants and subject to removal of any structure not approved. We do not want this to happen, so please turn in your Architectural Review Form. Any questions contact Doug Gregg, ARC Chair – [email protected]

Legal Documents

Tuscany Village Covenants and Restrictions

Tuscany Village By-laws

Tuscany Village Certificate of Corporation

TVC - ARC Trash Storage Requirements 

TVC - Above Ground Pool Rule

City of Greenwood Encroachment Request

TVC Unanimous Written Consent Resolutions

Meeting Minutes

Tuscany Village HOA Board Meeting Minutes 05-31-2016

TVC - Board Meeting Minutes - 7-20-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 6-29-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 8-30-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 10-19-2016

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 2-27-2017

TVC - Annual Meeting Minutes 04-20-2017  

TVC - Special Meeting Minutes 6-26-2017

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 8-30-2017

TVC - Approved Meeting Minutes 10-23-2017

TVC - 2017 Architectural Review Year End Report


Helpful Links

Crime & Safety
Greenwood Police Department
Greenwood Police Dispatch 317-346-6336

Police Administrative Department - 882- 9191
Greenwood Department Tip Line - 865-0300
Fire Department Administrative - 882-2599
Indiana Poison Control - 1-800-222-1222
Johnson County Sheriff - 736-9155
Code Enforcement - 887-5228
National Crime Prevention - www.ncpc.org
Family Watchdog:- www.familywatchdog.us
Nation Child Abuse
Hotline -1-800-422-4453

Animal Care
Johnson County Animal Control - 736-3924
Humane Society of Indianapolis - 872-5650

Other Resources
Community Center- 881-4545
Greenwood Senior Center- 882-4810
Freedom Springs Aquatics Park- 884-2078
Indianapolis Colts - www.colts.com
Indiana Pacers - www.nba.com/pacers
Time & Temperature - 635-5959
Baxter YMCA - 881-9347
Estes (Mailbox) - 889-5556

Government Affairs
Official website of the City of Greenwood

Government Offices - 736-5000
Official website of Johnson County

Community South - 887-7000
Franciscan St. Francis Health South - 528-5000

Greenwood Public - 881 -1953
Johnson Country Public Library - White River Public – Greenwood- 885-1330 http://www.pageafterpage.org/

License Branch
Greenwood, 349 S. Washington Street - 881-2183

Bargersville Utilities - 422-5115
Best Way Disposal (Trash) - 1-800-354-1830
Greenwood Sanitation Department - 887-5232
Duke Energy (Electric) 1-800-521- 2232
Vectren Energy (Gas) - 1-800-777-2060

Shipping Services
Greenwood Post Office-Smith Valley - 4646-6043




"I began working with Main Street Management in July of 2007 and they made the transition as smooth as possible. Everything is completed in a timely manner and the financials are completed by the 15th of each month. Main Street Management delivers on what they say they are going to do and I know that the information is tracked correctly. I have worked with at least a dozen management companies and Main Street Management has really been the best!"

Michelle L., Developer/Builder

"I am a homeowner and Board Member in a neighborhood that is being managed by Main Street Management. Before they took over, we were faced with many unresolved issues. I can truly say without any reservations that my neighborhood is looking much better. Because of Main Street Management, I believe it is headed in the right direction."

Jeff S.

"When our Association was being turned over to the home owners, the new board was elected. The primary issue at hand had been the lack of responsiveness and comprehensive financial handling of our books. In reviewing management companies, Main Street Management, LLC stood out from the other companies. Since the end of 2007, the progress on our community and financial handling of books have dramatically improved. The home owners have already seen issues not resolved for years becoming addressed such as proper snow plowing, swimming pool area upgrades, and covenant review. The board would recommend Main Street Management to any other HOA looking for services."

Lola J. – Board Member of an HOA