Community Update October 2018

This year’s Monster March, our annual kids’ Halloween parade, is scheduled for 5:45-6:15 pm on 10/31. We’ll meet at the west side of Padana by the park, walk down Valdarno and circle back to the park. From there, kids can go on their regular trick-or-treating. Special thanks to the Social Committee volunteers for organizing this and to everyone who donated candy!

Coming soon: Annual Meeting date to be confirmed for mid-November (likely the week of 11/12). At the meeting we’ll update you on budget/contracts/legal matters/future steps. Details to come, and we’ll find a way to video or live-stream the meeting.

The board has met with attorneys for MSM and Tuscany Village Community for an update on current lawsuits involving Tuscany Village. We also discussed options for next steps. Next, we’ll meet with opposing parties to do the same and explore the best way forward.

Our 3-yr landscaping contract is nearing its end. That vendor (Practical Property Group) has increased its bid by $16K, which we hope is a typo. In any case, we’re gathering bids from 3 other vendors too.

We want to recognize our new Social Committee, led by Allison Benge: Jason Mueller, Amy Street, Kathy Nikel, Kristen Partlow, Brian Partlow. Pat’em on the back next time you see them, and thank them for their time and contributions!

We’ve received requests to revisit bylaws pertaining to colored lights, yard signage, mini barns, and the like. We certainly want to have that discussion, with homeowners driving any decisions. We need to prioritize other items for the remainder of 2018, but will be sure to provide opportunities for you to participate and vote on these and other discussions — even if you can’t attend a meeting in person.

We’ve learned the former board personally handled trash disposal at the playground, and we’ve done so ourselves to learn that process. The trash can’s open design means rain water pours in, resulting in a water + dog feces mix that’s quite heavy to lift, prone to leakage/rupture, and difficult to dispose. We’re replacing the open can with a covered container and assigning disposal to the grounds maintenance crew.

Re: those flags showing up in your yard… Per Main Street Management, you can rip them out after 2 weeks. Work is pre-approved by the city, and we aren’t notified in advance of flags showing up, but they should have a phone # on them if you have questions.

Got a question about bylaws, property or neighborhood matters? You may email [email protected] for individual assistance. That goes to Joey at Main Street Management — he’s offered to be our primary “homeowner support” contact. He’ll involve the board as needed, but otherwise should be able to answer your questions and follow up on concerns.  

MSM is now managing compliance with DCCR violations, and will drive by Tuscany Village on a regular schedule for that purpose. Board members won’t be inspecting homes for violations, nor issuing citations. We believe this is a better use of the resources we’re paying for, and helps us bring more objectivity into DCCR enforcement. 

As you know our annual dues of $300 were payable by January 1, 2018. Timely collections from our homeowners is vital to Tuscany Village in order to keep our budget balanced and our bills paid.  Unfortunately, we still have delinquent homeowners who are not meeting this obligation.  Your prompt payment would be appreciated. Contact Joey Harris at Main Street Management.

Thank you to everyone who has already paid!