Community Update

Replace burned out Garage Light Bulbs
Please replace all burned-out bulbs in a timely manner. This way our neighborhood will remain illuminated at night, which is one of the biggest deterrents to crime.

Please keep in mind when working on landscaping in your front yard the DCC&R’s, Article 4, Section B. Mail Boxes and Landscaping states: “your front yard shall contain 6 bushes (a low woody plant with spreading branches/shrubs) or similar (nearly alike-woody with branches) plants with a minimum height of 18″ and at least one deciduous tree having the caliper of not less than 2.” It has been reported to the HOA Board that homeowners are removing their bushes from their front yard. Please follow the DCC&R’s. Thank You! Any questions please contact the Board.

Exterior Maintenance
Please maintain the exterior of your home. i.e. remove mold from your house, fence maintenance, trimming of bushes, etc. Maintenance of Lots and Improvement falls under Article IV, Section I of the CC&R’s. Also, there is a city code, “Property Maintenance Law” Maintain the exterior surfaces, i.e. mold, mildew, missing siding, etc. Thank you to the homeowners who power washed their fencing’s and the mold from their house. Great Job!

Outdoor Colored Lights
Please read and follow the Revised Exterior Colored Lights and Decoration Rule, found under Forms and Legal Documents tab. The display of outdoor colored lights all year is unsightly and not in harmonious relationship among the residents/community units. Decorations and colored lighting is only to be displayed as the rule states: “Seasonal Holidays Only”