Parking Garage Update Week 1

Week of July 26, 2021
Work Schedule

The Renaissance Garage Project will begin this week. There are some important areas of the garage for you to be aware during the duration of the project. Some of these areas may not be utilized for the project at the start but are designated as such for the project:

Spot 17 – The Porta-John for the workers will be placed in this location (see location on map – Basement).
Spots 265-267 – This is the designated location for storage of material and supplies (see location on map – 4th level)

For the week of July 26, Tenet Construction will be working during the day on 3 types of mock-ups that will be used throughout the project. The purpose of the mock-up is to perform work following a process to arrive at the desired result. These mock-ups will be approved and then these processes will be followed through the project to ensure proper methods are followed, utilization of the correct material and supplies and that the desired result is achieved. They will be doing a mock-up on partial depth, vertical and overhead patch.

The parking spots that will be impacted during this week are 296 – 301 (5th level) and 237-241 (4th level).