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"Prompt response to any building issues. Staff is friendly and helpful."

Ruth H. 

"Main Street Management has provided excellent customer service to my tenants, and provided me as landlord accurate accounting, leasing, and property management."


"As the HOA president of one of the communities that MSM manages, I must say that I am very pleased with the service provider to our board and the community. Our property manager is second to none. She's very attentive to our needs and helps address our concerns in a very timely, thorough, and efficient manner. The service provided versus the associated cost makes this a great value to all of us. Thank you much!"


"My property manager at Main Street Management is very responsive, and very on top of things. She is fantastic, and a pleasure to work with."


"Excellent service"

Brian N.

"Our representative has been very helpful and continues to give us top notch service."

Bennie L.

"The vendor management and responsive communications from our PM are great. MSM's accounting department and collections team helped our HOA board resolve years of unpaid monthly dues which predated our hiring of MSM. Our board feels that hiring MSM was a major improvement!"

Greg P.

"Teamwork at its best. Working with our property manager makes things so easy!!"

Carol C.

"Before we chose MSM as our new management service I called 3 other current customers and all 3 had the highest praise. We have only experienced the same superb service since we switched. The services they provide total way more than the price they charge. All of their services have been fantastic, but online payment has been revolutionary for all of our residents."

Sean O.

"MSM makes. you feel like you are their only client. Excellent service!"

Jim H.

"Easy to work with and very responsive to our requests."

Donna R.

"I have worked with MSM for over 10 years for my commercial properties. I cannot say enough food things. They are always prompt at dealing with any issues, courteous and professional. They make owning commercial property easy because they handle everything."

Stuart B.

"Always good service, good counsel and referrals."

Charlotte D.

"Main Street Management works well with the HOA Board to make sure the condo owners' needs are met. They are quick to address issues, help owners with tasks, and support the upkeep and preventative maintenance of the building. MSM finds the answers to our questions and, in general, is responsive to the issues of condo living."


"Anytime I have an issue with our commercial space, which is a rare occurence, Main Street MGMT sends maintenance over lickety-split! They take such good care of us!"

Charsha H.

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