Property Management

Property Management and Accounting Services in Central Indiana

Main Street Management has experience managing a broad range of properties. Let us add your property to our collection by contacting us today for a business proposal! Our specialties include solutions for Homeowners’ Associations as well as the management of commercial properties.

HOA Management in Central Indiana

A Board of Directors represents the HOA or COA. The Board of Directors is a small group of individuals elected by the homeowners to serve for a specified amount of time and to represent the homeowners as a whole. The board is responsible for upholding the by-laws, the DCCR, and overseeing the operation of the HOA or COA. The board also handles setting a budget and determining the amount of HOA dues to be paid by each homeowner.

Because board members are unpaid, they often opt to bring in an outside management company, such as Main Street Management, to oversee the details of the HOA or COA functions. This helps to relieve board members of the full-time demands of managing a community. Main Street Management also acts as a liaison between the board and the homeowners, and can help maintain peace between neighbors.

Supervise Maintenance of Common Facilities

Main Street Management will:

  • Coordinate and consult with Board and committees
  • Inspect common areas
  • Initiate preventive maintenance programs
  • Assist in drafting bid specifications for work to be done
  • Negotiate contracts on behalf of the Board
  • Oversee maintenance of landscaping
  • Inspect completed work as necessary

Insurance Coverage

Main Street Management can help your HOA to:

  • Define requirements in Declaration
  • Ascertain replacement value or required value
  • Obtain bids and place insurance
  • Process Association's insurance claims

Computer Services

Main Street Management can help your HOA communicate effectively by:

  • Providing a web presence for members to download association rules, by-laws, covenants, clubhouse reservation forms, and other online documents
  • Giving homeowners online access to payments, architectural reviews, and the progress of work requests (coming soon!)
  • Storing all communication data in our custom software program
  • Making all association activity available for viewing online by both board members and homeowners
  • Meeting each HOA’s unique service needs
  • Maintain homeowner database
  • Assist Homeowners regarding questions and issues
  • Maintain and provide and provide access to association records

Accounting Services

Main Street Management can:

  • Collect and deposit dues and assessments
  • Send delinquent notices to members
  • Submit statement of delinquent accounts to the Board
  • Coordinate collection actions as directed by the Board
  • Pay all obligations of Association as provided in the budget or approved by Board
  • Prepare quarterly or monthly operating statements
  • Prepare all necessary tax reports
  • Assist the Board in preparing annual budgets

Administrative Services

Choose Main Street Management to:

  • Consult with the Board on standards to be maintained for the Association
  • Assist Board with Interpreting the Declarations, Covenants, and By-Laws
  • Secure compliance by owners/guests with the Declarations, By-Laws and Rules of the Association.
  • Utilize a custom software package to track all activity within the Association (phone calls, complaints, violations, etc.).

Board Meeting Attendance

Let Main Street Management help your association:

  • Prepare for and attend homeowners meetings
  • Distribute pertinent information to owners
  • Establish procedures for the handling of maintenance and complaints.
  • Define areas of responsibility of owners and Association.

Commercial Property Management in Central Indiana

Main Street Management strives to enhance your property investment by developing a specialized management program, focusing on preventative maintenance and unsurpassed customer service. Our goal is to allow you to do what you do best and leave the property management details to us.

Main Street Management’s commercial property management solution includes inspections, preventative maintenance, and prompt service, for your building to function effectively for many years to come. Our proactive approach allows your building to run smoothly while reducing costly repairs. When your property is taken care of, the Owner Group will have the opportunity to concentrate on other things while feeling confident that its investment is being protected. Main Street Management creates a customized checklist for each walk-through, based on your property’s particular needs.

Facility Maintenance for Properties


Main Street Management manages all maintenance contracts and coordinates any and all vendor and trade partner activity for maintenance projects.

Elevator Preventative Maintenance

Main Street Management will perform, facilitate and document the monthly required State inspections. If necessary, we will handle the preparation of necessary documents to remain in compliance.

Lighting Inspection

Main Street Management conducts inspections of all lighting in the building (common areas) as well as all exterior lights. MSM will manage all maintenance contracts and coordinate any and all vendor and trade partner activity for project’s that need to be completed as part of this section.

Common Area Inspection

Main Street Management will conduct inspections of all common areas to determine any areas that need additional focus.

Exterior Landscape and Maintenance

Main Street Management will manage all property maintenance contracts and coordinate any and all vendor and trade partner activity for landscaping projects. This includes securing bids for general upkeep, including but not limited to cleaning of sidewalks, irrigation services, mulching and pruning, trash removal, managing snow removal, etc. The overall goal is to maintain (or create) the image that the Owner Group wishes to project as it relates to the exterior condition of their building.

Vendor/Trade Partner Management

Main Street Management will coordinate, organize and manage all vendor and trade partner contracts/agreements to ensure compliance. Main Street Management will also manage the bidding activity for larger projects that need completion if requested.

Call Center and Database

Main Street Management utilizes a customized software program to track all activity within the property. The Owner Group is provided reports to understand what is happening and to monitor the status of on-going projects. Through solid customer service including a 24-hour emergency line, MSM can coordinate and facilitate timely action no matter what time.

Fire Alarm Testing and Certification

Main Street Management will manage the annual sprinkler certification and testing process and maintain the proper documentation to support the program. 

Security Service

Main Street Management will handle managing the door lock hardware and door closure systems currently in place, but will not be involved in the monitoring activity associated with the system.

General Maintenance

As needs arise throughout the property, Main Street Management has the capability to provide the necessary general maintenance support at below market rates.


"I began working with Main Street Management in July of 2007 and they made the transition as smooth as possible. Everything is completed in a timely manner and the financials are completed by the 15th of each month. Main Street Management delivers on what they say they are going to do and I know that the information is tracked correctly. I have worked with at least a dozen management companies and Main Street Management has really been the best!"

Michelle L., Developer/Builder

"I am a homeowner and Board Member in a neighborhood that is being managed by Main Street Management. Before they took over, we were faced with many unresolved issues. I can truly say without any reservations that my neighborhood is looking much better. Because of Main Street Management, I believe it is headed in the right direction."

Jeff S.

"When our Association was being turned over to the home owners, the new board was elected. The primary issue at hand had been the lack of responsiveness and comprehensive financial handling of our books. In reviewing management companies, Main Street Management, LLC stood out from the other companies. Since the end of 2007, the progress on our community and financial handling of books have dramatically improved. The home owners have already seen issues not resolved for years becoming addressed such as proper snow plowing, swimming pool area upgrades, and covenant review. The board would recommend Main Street Management to any other HOA looking for services."

Lola J. – Board Member of an HOA