Rennaissance Parking Garage Updates

Read below for important updates regarding the Rennaissance Place parking garage improvement project. 

Summary of Parking Garage Repair & Maintenance Project

The Project is scheduled to begin on July 26th.

Tenet Construction is the firm that will be performing the work.  They are located in Columbus, OH and more information about them can be found at

RP Parking Facility, LLC (Owner of Garage) has contracted with Arsee Engineering ( to serve as the Consulting Engineer for this project and will assist on the administration of the construction work.


It is projected that this project should be completed by the end of October.  With the current economic climate, lead time on materials and supplies could impact the completion date.  The project could also be impacted by weather.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Majority of the work will be completed during the evening hours while the garage is less populated so please be aware of workers, debris and other items related to the project when driving in the garage.


There are several areas that we will be addressing during this project but here is an overview of the type of work that is being addressed:

  • Concrete repairs in vertical and overhead areas
  • Remove and replace joint sealants
  • Repair cracks in concrete
  • Remove and replace traffic-bearing membrane systems
  • Power washing and re-striping


It is important to keep in mind that this project is a process.  We will be removing joint sealants between each slab, inspecting, and repairing and then replacing the sealant.  Therefore, there could be times where water flow is greater if we get rain and that it could be worse before it is better and for that to be kept in mind as the project moves forward.

Please bookmark this webpage as this will be the mode of communication about the project and will be updated with the latest information including areas that are targeted for work so your parking location may be impacted, and you will need to park in different areas if your reserved space is being impacted by this project.

Weekly Parking Garage Update

Parking Garage Update Week 13

By Mainstreet Management | October 20, 2021

Week of October 25, 2021
Work Schedule

For the week of October 25, Tenet Construction will be working on level 2 and will be performing sealant removal & replacement and related concrete repairs (Work Zone Spaces). As a precaution (which will continue through the project), we are going to be blocking off spaces on the 1st level as well to protect vehicles and property from falling debris (Fall Zone Spaces).

The Hunt to Find spaces for the coming week will be blocked off on Wednesday evening and will remain blocked off until the work in that area is completed (October 27th). If you have a reserved space, you can park in your space thru Sunday (October 24) but please don’t park in your spot from October 25 – 27. This work is impacting Hunt to Find Spaces so you keep that in mind as you are looking for parking places as you may need to go to the upper level to find available spaces.

Work Zone Spots – 137 – 151
Fall Zone Spots – 71 – 85