Hickory Ridge Estates

Welcome to Hickory Ridge Estates. We are a residential community that is currently growing. Hickory Ridge Estates is located southeast of Lafayette off South 250 East. Hickory Ridge Estates includes three homeowner associations. This includes Hickory Ridge Subdivision and The Retreat at Hickory Ridge Planned Development. Main Street Management and Property Manager Jennifer Cassady manages both communities.

Contact Main Street Management at 765-742-6390 Opt. 2 if you have questions.

Community Information

Our Community

Hickory Ridge Subdivision and The Retreat at Hickory Ridge Planned Development share a single Board of Directors.

The Board consists of members of both communities:

President – Dan Crowell
Vice President  - David Selvey
Treasurer -  Wendy Salazar
Secretary – Jill Pryor
ACC Chairman – Craig Pryor
Landscape Chairman – Ron Bradford

The board is actively looking for volunteers from both communities.

Hickory Ridge Subdivision Declarations

Covenant Restriction Violations (CRV)

  • You may report a CRV to Jennifer Cassady, your property manager, via the website at www.mainstreetmanagementllc.com under the Hickory Ridge Estates link or via telephone at 765-701-4142.
  • All CRVs submitted by a resident will be automatically added to our next inspection
    review for resolution.
  • CRV reporting will not be disclosed to the offending resident.

Download an Architectural Change Application

Hickory Ridge Subdivision

The Retreat at Hickory Ridge Subdivision

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Homeowners Resources

Trash Collection:

Trash Collection and recycling is part of your homeowner’s assessments. Weekly Trash service and Biweekly Recycling are on Monday.

Please have your buying agent contact Jennifer Cassady via email at [email protected] with the Owners name address, phone number, email, and closing date to ensure trash cans are delivered promptly. The homeowner will receive a confirmation email when cans will be delivered.

Annual Assessments:

• Annual Assessments are due by January 1.

• Payments may be made online at www.mainstreetmanagementllc.com

• Payments should be made payable and mailed to:

Hickory Ridge HOA

P.O. Box 745

Lafayette, Indiana 47902

Please include account number, address, and name of the homeowner with your payment.


Why do I need to complete an Architectural Change Application?

All modifications to the exterior of your property, including:

Page 18 - Hickory Ridge Covenants

“Section 6.2 Architectural Control. No building, improvement, construction, excavation,
landscaping, tree removal, lot clearance, or outbuilding, swimming pool, spa, mailbox, fence,
satellite dish, wall or other structure, except original construction of Dwelling Units by or on
behalf of the Declarant, shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon the Property, nor
shall any exterior addition to, change, or alteration or repair due to casualty or otherwise
therein, other than by the Declarant, be made until the plans and specifications showing the
nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of the same shall have been submitted
to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to
surrounding structures and topography by the Declarant until the end of the Development
Period unless sooner authorized by the Declarant and thereafter by the Board of Directors of
the Association.”

“All approvals shall require the submission, to the Declarant or as otherwise stated above
(Architectural Control Committee), of plans and specifications in duplicate, showing the

(a) Existing and proposed land contours and grades;
(b) The Dwelling Unit, and other improvements, access drives and other improved areas, and
the locations thereof on the site;
(c) All landscaping, including existing and proposed tree locations and planting area (and
specie thereof), mailboxes and exterior ornamentation;
(d) Plans for all floors, cross sections and elevations, including projections and wing walls;
(e) Exterior lighting plans including night security lights and wiring thereto;
(f) Walls, fencing and screening;
(g) Patios, decks, pools and porches; and
(h) Mailboxes and newspaper delivery boxes which must be built to specifications furnished
by Declarant.”

Who do I contact about HOA dues and payment options?

Main Street Management provides billing and administrative services for our HOA. Contact
Main Street Management at 765-742-6390 for billing questions option 4, for all other questions
Option 2 or email Jennifer Cassady at [email protected].

Covenant Violations:

If you see something say something! What do I do if another member is violating the rules?
Covenant Restriction Violations (CRV)
• You may report a CRV to Jennifer Cassady your property manager via the website at
www.mainstreetmanagementllc.com under the Hickory Ridge Estates Link or via
telephone at 765-701-4142.
• All CRVs submitted by a resident will be automatically added to our next inspection
review for resolution.
• CRV reporting will not be disclosed to the offending resident.


1. Section 6. 4 Animals. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or
kept on any said Lots, except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept provided
they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes. No dog runs will be
permitted in the Subdivision.

2. Section 6.5 Outside Storage. All equipment, garbage cans, service yards, woodpiles or
storage piles shall be kept from view of neighboring homes and streets. No outside
clothesline shall be erected, placed, or allowed to remain on any Lot. All rubbish, trash or
garbage shall be regularly removed from the premises and shall not be allowed to accumulate
thereon. Trash must be stored in enclosed containers. Unless specifically approved by the
Architectural Committee in writing, no materials, supplies or equipment shall be stored on a
Lot except inside a closed Dwelling Unit or behind a visual barrier screening such areas so
that they are not visible from neighboring streets or Lots.

3. Section 6. 7 Side Setbacks. The minimum side yard and minimum rear yard requirements
shall be those established by the applicable zoning and subdivision control ordinances and as
shown on the final recorded plat.

4. Section 6.8 Temporary Structures and Outbuildings. No structure of a temporary character,
tent, shack, basement, garage, barn, trailer, boat trailer, truck, commercial vehicle,
recreational vehicle, camper shell, camper or camping trailer or other out-building shall be
erected, placed, or altered upon any Lot for use as a residence either temporarily or
permanently or at any time be used for such purpose.

5. Section 6. 9 Motor Vehicle Repair. The repair of inoperative motor vehicles or material
alteration of motor vehicles shall not be permitted on any Lot unless entirely within a garage
permitted to be constructed by these covenants, conditions and restrictions.

6. Section 6.10 Nuisances. No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on or be
permitted to exist on any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an
annoyance or nuisance. Without limiting any of the foregoing, no exterior lights, the principal
beam of which shines upon portions of the Lot other than the Lot upon which they are
located, or which otherwise cause unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of a
Lot by the occupants thereof, and no speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other sound devices
shall be located, used or placed on the Lot, except security devices used exclusively for
security purposes which are activated only in emergency situations or for testing there of Any
structure or building permitted to be constructed on any Lot by this Declaration, which
maybe all or in part destroyed by fire, wind, storm or any other reason, shall be rebuilt and
restored to its previous condition, subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee,
within a reasonable length of time, and all debris accumulated in connection therewith shall
be removed within a reasonable time after any such occurrence.

7. Section 6.11 Home Service. No Lot shall be used for any purpose other than a single-family
residence, except that a home occupation, defined as follows may be permitted: any use
conducted entirely within the Dwelling Unit and participated in solely by a member of the
immediate family residing in said Dwelling Unit, which use is clearly incidental and
secondary to the use of the Dwelling Unit for dwelling purposes and does not change the
character thereof and in connection with which there is: (a) no sign or display that indicates
from the exterior that the Dwelling Unit is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose
other than that of a Dwelling Unit; (b) no commodity is sold upon the Lot; ( c) no person is
employed in such home occupation other than a member of the immediate family residing in
the Dwelling Unit; and ( d) no mechanical or electrical equipment is used; provided that; in
no event shall a' barber shop, styling salon, beauty parlor, tea room, licensed child care center
or other licensed or regulated babysitting service, animal hospital, or any form of animal care
or treatment such as dog trimming be construed as a home service.

8. Section 6.12 Drains. No house footing drain or roof water drain shall be discharged into the
sanitary sewers.

9. Section 6.13 Number of Dwelling Units. The number of Dwelling Units shall not exceed the
number of platted Lots of the Plat with one single family residence for each Lot.

10. Section 6.14 Residential Use. Lots shall be used only for residential purposes and only as
single-family dwellings, with private garages, and other such outbuildings as are usual and
incidental to the use of a residential Lot may be constructed thereon. All Lots in this
subdivision shall be designated as residential Lots, single family Lots, and no home shall
exceed two and one-half (2 ½) stories or thirty-six (36) feet in height.

11. Section 6.15 Size. Subject to any further restrictions imposed by any recorded commitment,
every single-family dwelling erected, placed, altered or maintained on any Lot within shall
have a minimum living area exclusive of open porches, unfinished basements and attached
garages of not less than the following number of square feet for the following types of
dwellings. Minimum square footage shall be as more particularly shown on Exhibit B
attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof.

12. Section 6.16 Unsightly Growth. In order to maintain the standards of the Property, no weeds,
underbrush or other unsightly growths shall be permitted to grow or remain upon any
Property, and no refuse pile or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed or suffered to
remain anywhere thereon. Failure to comply shall warrant the Declarant or the Association to
cut weeds or clear the refuse from the Property at the expense of the Owner, and there shall
be a lien against said Property for the expense thereof, which lien shall be due and payable
immediately. If such lien is not promptly paid, the Association or the Declarant may file suit
and recover such amount together with reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of collection.

13. Section 6.17 Site Visibility. No fence, wall, hedge or shrub planting which obstructs sight
lines at elevations between two (2) feet and nine (9) feet above the street shall be placed or
permitted to remain on any corner Lot within the triangular area formed by the street property
lines and a line connecting points twenty-five (25) feet from the intersection of said street
lines, or in the case of a rounded property comer from the intersection of the street lines
extended. The same sight line limitations shall apply to any Lot within ten ( 10) feet from the
intersection of a street line with the edge of a driveway pavement or alley line. No tree shall
be permitted to remain within such distances of such intersections unless the foliage line is
maintained at sufficient height to prevent obstruction of such sight lines. No fences shall be
permitted to be constructed between the front set back line and the street curb.

14. Section 6.18 Semi-tractor trucks. trailers, etc. No semi-tractor trucks, semi-trucks, semitractor trailers, boats, campers or camper trailers, recreational vehicles, camper shell, all terrain vehicles, mobile homes, disabled vehicles, and/or trailers shall be permitted to park on the Property or a Lot unless fully enclosed in a garage, or unless the same is necessary and incident to the Declarant' s, builder's or Association's business on the Property.

15. Section 6.19 Lakes. Lake Area(s). Except as otherwise provided, no individual using a Lake,
if any, has the right to cross another Lot or trespass upon shoreline not within a Common
Area owned by the Association, subject to the rights of the Declarant, the Association, their
employees, heirs, successors and assigns as set forth in the Declaration and through the
easement as shown on the Plat. No one shall do or permit any action or activity which could
result in pollution of any Lake, diversion of water, elevation of any Lake level, earth
disturbance resulting in silting or any other conduct which could result in an adverse effect
upon water quality, drainage or proper Lake management except as provided in the
Declaration. A Lake may not be used for swimming, ice skating, boating, or for any other
purpose, except for drainage of the Property, unless expressly and specifically approved by
the Declarant or thereafter by the Board of Directors of the Association in writing and
allowed by law. Lakes, Lake Areas and Limited Lake Areas may or may not exist on the
Property, and the reference throughout this Declaration to Lakes, Lake Areas, and Limited
lake Areas is made in order to address Lakes, Lake Areas and Limited Lake Areas, if any,
which now exist or are later constructed upon the Property. The installation on the Property
of any Lake, Lake Area or Limited Lake Area shall be within the sole discretion of the
Declarant, and under no circumstances shall the Declarant be required or obligated to install
any Lake, Lake Area, or Limited Lake Area upon the Property. Only the Declarant and the
Association shall have the right to store items or develop recreational facilities upon any
Common Area owned by the Association adjacent to a Lake.

Useful Contact Information

Tipmont Electric - 800-726-3953

Vectren Gas - 800-227-1376

City of Lafayette Water - 765-807-1100

Water (Emergency) - 765-807-1700


Comcast Cable & Internet Service - 800-934-6489

Metronet - 877-407-3224

Trash - Republic Services – Call or Email Jennifer to start service or to report an issue with your service at 765-701-4142 or [email protected]. Please do NOT contact Republic Services directly.

Police (non-emergency) 765-807-1200

Fire (non-emergency) 765-807-1600

Main Street Management Company

765-701-4142 (W) or [email protected]


"I began working with Main Street Management in July of 2007 and they made the transition as smooth as possible. Everything is completed in a timely manner and the financials are completed by the 15th of each month. Main Street Management delivers on what they say they are going to do and I know that the information is tracked correctly. I have worked with at least a dozen management companies and Main Street Management has really been the best!"

Michelle L., Developer/Builder

"I am a homeowner and Board Member in a neighborhood that is being managed by Main Street Management. Before they took over, we were faced with many unresolved issues. I can truly say without any reservations that my neighborhood is looking much better. Because of Main Street Management, I believe it is headed in the right direction."

Jeff S.

"When our Association was being turned over to the home owners, the new board was elected. The primary issue at hand had been the lack of responsiveness and comprehensive financial handling of our books. In reviewing management companies, Main Street Management, LLC stood out from the other companies. Since the end of 2007, the progress on our community and financial handling of books have dramatically improved. The home owners have already seen issues not resolved for years becoming addressed such as proper snow plowing, swimming pool area upgrades, and covenant review. The board would recommend Main Street Management to any other HOA looking for services."

Lola J. – Board Member of an HOA