Parking Garage Update Week 6

Week of September 6, 2021
Work Schedule

For the week of September 6, Tenet Construction will be working on level 4 and will be performing
sealant removal & replacement and related concrete repairs (Work Zone Spaces). As a precaution
(which will continue through the project), we are going to be blocking off spaces on the 3rd level as well
to protect vehicles and property from falling debris (Fall Zone Spaces).

The spaces for the coming week will be blocked off on Wednesday evening and will remain blocked off
until the work in that area is completed (September 9th). This work is impacting Hunt to Find Spaces so
you keep that in mind as you are looking for parking places as you may need to go to the upper level to
find spaces. This work also impacts Reserved spaces belonging to Condo Owners.

Work Zone Spots – 226-236
Fall Zone Spots – 160 – 170