Parking Garage Update Week of November 14

Work Schedule

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work on the garage repairs. The RP Parking Facility Board of Directors decided to have additional work done on the crossovers including replacing all of the drains in the garage. This additional work added significant time to the project coupled with supply issues with some of the necessary materials needed. We are currently waiting on the delivery date for the Membrane coating material which will cause us to close additional spaces (including the top level of the garage). We will keep you posted of the impacted spots for that work when the time comes.

For the week of November 14, Tenet Construction will be working on level 1 and will be performing sealant removal & replacement and related concrete repairs (Work Zone Spaces). As a precaution (which will continue through the project), we will also be blocking off spaces on the Basement level as well in order to protect vehicles and property from falling debris (Fall Zone Spaces). This work causes us to close both sides of this level so work can take place on one side and traffic can continue to flow on the other side.

If your parking spot is one of the spaces noted below, please park elsewhere. Please visit and click on the Parking Garage Update Icon on the top of the page for the latest information.

Work Zone Spots – 55 – 85
Fall Zone Spots – 1 – 14

221025 Impacted Parking Garage Spots Nov 14 – Nov 20 WEB