Community Update 2017

Safety First
Please be mindful of the speed limit in our community and always stop at the stop signs. With the start of another school year,school buses are back on the road. Please be mindful of children, entering and exiting school buses to avoid any accidents and injuries. When a school bus makes a stop to pick up or drop off children, all motorists are to stop. (state law)

Trash and Recycle Containers
Greenwood/Best Way Disposal provides weekly trash pickup, trash containers are to be placed on the curb no earlier than Wednesday night after 6:00 p.m. Bi-weekly recycling is provided to residents within city limits and the container is not to be placed out on the curb earlier than the night before pickup. On your designated pickup day, trash and recycling must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. When not placed at the curb on pick up days all trash and recycle bins need to be stored in your garages. Trash pickup inquiries – 317-484-3365 Sewer Problems – 317-888-1254

Dogs In Park
Please pick up after your dog at the park. Leaving their duty is a health and safety issue to our residents and especially our children. Also, do not allow your dog (s) to do their duty on homeowner’s lawns, even if you pick it up. Also, dogs are to be on a leash at all times.

Barking Dogs and Restraints
Barking dogs in Tuscany is disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of our community. Please make the appropriate changes immediately so that your dog does not bark excessively for long periods of time anymore. This nuisance is in violation of Article IV, Section Q and it is also a City Ordinance. Also, your pet is to be restrained at all times. (Code Violation)

Crime Watch
It is the responsibility of every resident of Tuscany Village to monitor the behavior of their families, tenants and guests and to report any suspicious activity that would cause harm or damage in our community. (Dispatch 317-346-6336)  Crime Watch Block Captains are needed. they serve as a liaison between the Crime Watch Coordinator and the HOA Board.  Please contact your HOA Board [email protected]. To help keep our community safe, please volunteer to be a block Captain. “Neighbors watching out for neighbors.”

Overnight street parking in Tuscany is not allowed.  
Parking on the street overnight is in violation of Article IV, Section R This is a friendly reminder to refrain from parking on the street/s overnight before a violation notice is sent.

No signs or advertisement shall be displayed or placed on any lot or structures in the development, except entry signs and home or lot sales signs.  CC&R’s Article IV, Section P The Yard of the Month sign has been established to promote goodwill and reward exemplary lawn maintenance in the community. The purpose of the program is to recognize neighbors with above-average efforts in maintaining their property. The winner is provided with a decorative yard sign for display indicating their winning yard. This is a community event organized by volunteers.

Storm Drain
Leaves and grass clippings clog storms drains, causing flooding during storms both in the streets and in our waterways. Also looks untidy. Debris including grass clippings goes into our three (3) Aqua Swirls which causes an issue of having to clean the Aqua Swirls which will cost the Association approximately $500 to $1,500 depending on the size of the unit. Grass clippings and debris on the streets and sidewalks is against our CC&R’s. It is also a City code, section 9 – 159. Illicit Dumping and Discharge.

Frequent Violations

  1. Trash cans outside and other refuse
  2. Vehicles parked on the streets overnight
  3. Vehicles parking across sidewalks
  4. Debris on driveways and side of houses
  5. Aesthetic appearances, especially lawn height and weeds.
  6. Barking dogs.
  7. Homeowners not requesting prior approval from the ARC before starting any projects or planting substantial plants/trees or removal of tree (s)
  8. Exterior colored lighting displayed
  9. Grass clipping, fertilizer, rocks, etc. left on the streets and sidewalks
  10. Overgrowth of bushes and plants
  11. Not having the required landscaping (6) bushes/shrubs (1) tree