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HOA Property Management in Lafayette, IN

  • 11 January 2017
  • Author: joeyh
  • Number of views: 1457
HOA Property Management in Lafayette, IN

The Homeowner Association, abbreviated as HOA, has been active for years, but many Americans have no idea what purpose it serves. HOA is a corporation formed for the purpose of marketing, selling homes, or managing property in a residential subdivision. The Homeowner Association assists in the upkeep of neighborhoods and housing districts, establishes rules and conditions for specific neighborhoods, and helps maintain the quality of living for residents in neighborhood subdivisions and housing districts.

Here in Lafayette, IN, and the Indianapolis, IN market, the HOA board of directors is composed of a small group of individuals who are elected by residential homeowners in the city of Lafayette. The HOA board members serve and represent these homeowners for a specific amount of time until the next election takes place. Sometimes an organization who has ample knowledge about residential and commercial real estate is employed to serve and advise the town’s HOA board. Main Street Management is one of these distinguished companies, and we are able to serve in the following roles with HOA Property Management in Lafayette, IN and Indianapolis, IN as well as other parts of Central Indiana: 


Maintenance is a crucial aspect of HOA, and Main Street Management is able to create preventative maintenance programs, inspect common areas, oversee landscaping maintenance, and much more.

Accounting Services

Main Street Management has ample experience when it comes to accounting and finances. We are able to oversee and enforce a budget by collecting and depositing dues and assessments, coordinating collection actions, preparing necessary tax reports, etc.

Insurance Coverage

Our company can do a lot in terms of insurance for an HOA Property Management in Lafayette or another part of Central Indiana. We can define requirements in a declaration, obtain bids and place the insurance, and even process the HOA’s insurance claims.

Administrative Services

The administrative department is another area of expertise for Main Street Management. With the help of our company, we will assure that your HOA board maintains specific standards set by the current HOA board for the association. We are also able to assist the board in interpreting declarations, bylaws, and covenants, and creating a custom software package used to track activity within the association.

Computer Services

Communicating effectively is important in any business or association. Main Street Management is able to optimize HOA communication by providing a web presence for the HOA board, storing communication data and files in a custom software program, maintaining a homeowner database, and much more.

Board Meeting Attendance

Finally, Main Street Management is able to help your area’s Homeowner Association in the area of board meeting attendance by preparing and attending the meetings, distributing important information to homeowners, creating procedures to handle maintenance and complaints, and defining areas of responsibility within the Homeowner Association.

Main Street Management – HOA Property Management in Lafayette, IN

Main Street Management is a proud participant of the Central Indiana Homeowner Association. The board of directors chose our company to act as a liaison between the board and homeowners, and helping to maintain peace between neighbors. Main Street Management also oversees many details of HOA or COA (Condo Owners Association), such as overseeing the bylaws and budget of the board. Main Street Management is proud to be part of such an esteemed organization, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to helping current and future home and business owners purchase new property. For more information on how Main Street Management can help you with your next property purchase or lease, just call our Lafayette offices at (765) 742-6930 to experience the way HOA Management should be. 


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Why Choose Us?

Because of our small size and local roots, Main Street Management has become known as an honest and reputable resource for all of your property management needs. We put the interests of our customers above everything else by listening to your needs and providing responsive solutions. Come to our team with any property concern, big or small, and start on your road to success.

What Our Clients Say

"I began working with Main Street Management in July of 2007 and they made the transition as smooth as possible. Everything is completed in a timely manner and the financials are completed by the 15th of each month. Main Street Management delivers on what they say they are going to do and I know that the information is tracked correctly. I have worked with at least a dozen management companies and Main Street Management has really been the best!"

Michelle L., Developer/Builder

"I am a homeowner and Board Member in a neighborhood that is being managed by Main Street Management. Before they took over, we were faced with many unresolved issues. I can truly say without any reservations that my neighborhood is looking much better. Because of Main Street Management, I believe it is headed in the right direction."

Jeff S.

"When our Association was being turned over to the home owners, the new board was elected. The primary issue at hand had been the lack of responsiveness and comprehensive financial handling of our books. In reviewing management companies, Main Street Management, LLC stood out from the other companies. Since the end of 2007, the progress on our community and financial handling of books have dramatically improved. The home owners have already seen issues not resolved for years becoming addressed such as proper snow plowing, swimming pool area upgrades, and covenant review. The board would recommend Main Street Management to any other HOA looking for services."

Lola J. – Board Member of an HOA